A Proposed Teacher Retooling Program in Robotics for the Basic Education Teachers of Dita Elementary School at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan

Elementary School at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan


  • Renelle Caraig PhD Development Student at University of the Philippines Los Baños


Japan's Robotics curriculum is embedded in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) based programs designed to create a better living. This retooling program is designed as a 3-week program for Basic Education Teachers of the Department of Education in the Philippines. The program will be grounded on observing and making prototype, accurate, useful and reliable programs. This retooling program will be conducted in Japan. As such, Japan is known as one of the world's leading robotics industries, has a long history of robotics research, and has a robust research network in universities and industries. The retooling program will encourage, inspire, and enhance not only the robotics curriculum in the school level, division level, moreover, this might help our country have foresight on future programs that will enhance the Philippine’s current curriculum.