Hadrah Extracurricular Activities In Improving Students' Music Skills At School

Improving Students' Music Skills


  • Dedi Riyan Rizaldi Madrasah Aliyah Plus Nurul Islam


This research aims to describe how Hadrah extracurricular activities improve students' musical skills at school. This research is included in qualitative descriptive research, which focuses on the development of students' musical skills after participating in Hadrah extracurricular activities. The research methods used include observation, interviews, and documentation. The data instrument for observation uses a questionnaire, while interviews use a structured questionnaire. The data source in this research uses primary data sources, namely data obtained directly in the field through informants in the form of coaches and members of Hadrah extracurricular activities. The various data obtained were then analyzed, and a data reduction process was carried out to be presented in the form of a short description and conclusions drawn. Based on the process carried out, it was found that Hadrah extracurricular activities can improve students' musical skills and attitudes.