An Educational Material on the Abstraction of Visual Art: A New Extension of Touch Designer's Digital art in Contemporary Interactive Media Art

Digital Art in Contemporary Interactive Media Art


  • Nie Shengxuan Mahasarakham University
  • Sastra Laoakka Mahasarakham University


Current period, called "information age," is increasingly becoming "intelligent age." Rapid digital technological breakthroughs fuel this shift. Internet and mobile networks have changed jobs and pleasure. Artificial intelligence has also transformed production and daily life. Material culture and philosophy evolve. Modernism diversified and decentralized artistic activities, connecting art to people's lives. Digital and AI technology have hastened the creation and dissemination of video art, improving its visual language, expression, and lifestyle. Video interactive art uses unique communication methods. The interactive installation work experience is adaptable and dynamic because it incorporates cultural, historical, natural, and philosophical artist meanings, which lead to varied audience interpretations. Numerous uncontrolled elements also contribute to its dynamic character. However, painting is fun. Entertainment inspires creativity. Interactive video, the most popular form of digital media art, permeates business and society. Interactive visuals are widespread in virtual reality, online exhibitions, e-commerce, gaming, and public and natural environment displays. Interactive and digital video can be found in print, film, and TV. We're learning about "interactive images," "reading pictures," "digital imitation," and digital image art generalization. Due to economic recovery and network expansion, media interactive art displays have taken a "fast food" approach to their production process and conceptual framework. This trend has caused a technological bottleneck, copying, and artistic devaluation like poor nutrition. Thus, popular desire for visual effects over traditional painting has changed, necessitating a critical analysis and study of other artistic forms.