The Place and Importance of Nursery Rhymes in Preschool Music Education and Some Practical Suggestions

Nursery Rhymes in Preschool Music Education


  • Esra Yücesan Sinop University


Rhymes are important items that belong to children's own culture and have musical value. Therefore, children's nursery rhymes can turn into a valuable material in the music education processes of pre-school education. Although there are various types of nursery rhymes that can be used in pre-school music education processes in Turkey, the inadequacy of the practical written source prepared for this is striking. For this purpose, in this study it was aimed to investigate the place and importance of nursery rhymes in pre-school music education and to introduce various practical examples on how to use nursery rhymes in preschool music education. In the study, the descriptive analysis approach, a qualitative research model, was adopted. Within the scope of the research, the place and importance of nursery rhymes in the early period music education processes are explained primarily in line with the written sources (research articles, theses, books, etc.) that include information and practices on the use of rhymes in pre-school music education. Then, in line with the study suggestions in the sources on the use of nursery rhymes in music education, various examples of activities that are thought to be included in early music education practices are presented with explanation. The results of the research revealed that nursery rhymes can be used as qualified course materials in pre-school music education process.