The mediating role of online self-regulation skills in the effect of self-management and self-control on pre-service mathematics teachers’ achievement

Self-management and self-control of pre-service mathematics teachers


  • Şahin Danişman Duzce University
  • Emine Nur Ünveren Bilgiç
  • Ahmet Sapancı


Self-management, self-control, and self-regulation skills of students are closely related to their achievement. This study aims to examine the mediating role of online self-regulation skills in the effect of pre-service mathematics teachers' self-management and self-control skills on their achievements in distance education process. The participants of the research which employed structural equation modeling consisted of 473 pre-service mathematics teachers. The data collected through the use of Self-Control and Self-Management Scale and Self-Regulated Online Learning Questionnaire. Positive and significant relationships have been found among the sub-factors of the scales and achievement scores. Furthermore, the study finds a mediating role of online self-regulation skills between the relationship of self-management and self-control skills and academic achievement. Hence the study recommends the encouragement and development of self-regulation, self-management and self-control skills to enhance the academic achievement of pre-service mathematics teachers.