Sustainable Development and Education Through the Eyes of Science Teachers: A Case Study In Turkey Perspective

Sustainable Development and Education


  • Fatih Şeker İzmir Bakırçay University


The aim of this study is to determine the knowledge of science teachers about sustainable development (SD) and to determine and examine their views on SD, the importance of SD, creating sustainability consciousness (SC), educational practices for sustainable development and the science curriculum within the scope of SD. The method of the research is a case study from qualitative research. The study group consisted of 25 science teachers. Seven semi-structured interview questions developed by the researcher were used as data collection tools. According to the results of the study, more than half of the teachers defined the concept of SD, while the other half could not define it or stated that they had no idea. Teachers who defined SD associated it with the environment, economy and society respectively. Science teachers agreed that SD is important. Teachers stated that SD is beneficial for future generations, that the lives of individuals would be endangered without SD, that there is SC in society and that education is necessary to create SC. In addition to this, teachers stated that education for SD includes or should include environmental education practices such as living by doing, travel, observation and examination, and environmental education practices provided by non-governmental organizations.