Analysis of Laiwu Bangzi opera in Shandong province as a resource for teaching Chinese opera music history

Teaching Chinese opera music history


  • Mengjiao Wang College of Music, Mahasarakham University


This qualitative study aimed to examine the music characteristics and societal functions of Laiwu Bangzi Opera in Shandong, China. The study utilized music analysis and field investigation methods to analyze the singing, music characteristics, performance, and important works of Laiwu Bangzi Opera. The social functions of the opera in entertainment, education, norms, exorcism practice, communication, and aesthetics were also observed. The study found that Laiwu Bangzi Opera is a form of opera categorized into three types and performed at different speeds. The actors must master singing, reading, acting, and gesture movement. It is used as a cultural heritage in ancestor worship activities and to remove diseases and pollution. It has a high aesthetic and communicative value, education, and inheritance and protection function. This study provides a comprehensive understanding of the musical and societal aspects of Laiwu Bangzi Opera, which can serve as a resource for developing teaching materials, such as textbooks and lesson plans, to teach the history of Chinese opera. It can also encourage young people to learn and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Chinese opera.