An analysis of shifting EFL teachers' perceptions on continuing professional development through lesson observation

EFL teachers' perceptions on continuing professional development



The current study sought to determine how EFL teachers perceived ongoing professional development and to what extent peer coaching influenced such beliefs. In keeping with the goal of the study, a qualitative case study approach was used. Participants in this study were 16 instructors, 9 of whom were men and 7 of whom were women, who worked at a private university's School of Foreign Languages. The collected data were analyzed using Creswell’s (2012) inductive content analysis. The results showed that four categories may be used to group the participants' perceptions of continued professional growth prior to the peer-coaching procedure. The categories were named (1) lifelong learning, (2) staying up to date, (3) skills development, and (4) team-building process. A new definition of self-leadership arose as a result of the peer-coaching process. Additionally, most participants admitted that the peer-coaching methodology had a positive impact on their career development procedures.