Perspectives of preservice social studies teachers on character and value education course

Character and value education course


  • Durdane Öztürk kırşehir ahi evran üniversitesi
  • Serpil Recepoğlu


The aim of this study is to determine the views of preservice social studies teachers on the Character and Value Education course. The case study method, one of the qualitative research approaches, is used in the research. The study group consists of 15 pre-service teachers studying in the last year of the Department of Social Studies Education at Faculty of Education in Kırşehir Ahi Evran University. Data collected through semi-structured interviews were analyzed using the MAXODA 2020 software and inductive content analysis method. As a result of the research, preservice social studies teachers stated that the Character and Value Education course is a course that teaches basic human values and aims to contribute to social order. According to the pre-service teachers, the most effective factor in character and value education is the environment. Another finding of the study is that love is the value that pre-service teachers most want to instill in their students, and the station technique is the most frequently used method in value education.