Teachers’ perspective on the major causes of declining student enrollment in faculties of education in Somalia

Major causes of declining student enrollment in faculties of education in Somalia


  • Mustafe Salad Somali National University


The declining student enrollment in faculties of education is a critical issue for the development and progress of Somalia. This paper aims to investigate the major factors contributing to this decline from the perspective of graduate teacher education. Qualitative research was conducted through interviews with 20 teachers from different institutions in both higher and general education, with data saturation used as a limiting factor. The findings reveal that community perception, teacher motivation, and the implementation of policies and acts relating to the teaching profession are the primary causes of the decline. Notably, the study found that schools and scholarships did not significantly affect the decline in student enrollment. These results suggest that there is a need to restate the status of teacher education in Somalia. This can be achieved through collaborative efforts between the community, government, and universities. Specifically, there is a need to address the negative perception of teaching as a profession, improve teacher motivation, and ensure the implementation of relevant policies and acts. By addressing these issues, we can create a more conducive environment for teacher education and ensure the upcoming human capital is adequately prepared to drive development and progress in Somalia.

Keywords: Teacher, History of teacher education in Somalia, Causes of decline