Assessment of the implementation of practical skills in the secondary school curriculum for the realization of vision 2025 in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania

Assessment of the implementation of practical skills in the secondary school curriculum inTanzania


  • Kezia Mashingia Mwenge Catholic University


Vision 2025 recommends that education should lead to high quality livelihood for all Tanzanians through strategies which ensure attainment of a level of tertiary education, hard work and creativity through implementation of practical skills among learners. Presentations, interpretations and discussions of the findings of the research study, ‘Assessment of the Implementation of Practical Skills in the Secondary School Curriculum has not been documented in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. Thus the aim of this study was to document the findings of the current study related to implementation of practical skills among secondary school learners in general. This study used convergent mixed research methods. The sample population was 531 people including 3 DEOs, 110 Secondary School teachers, 11 heads of schools, 11academic masters and 396 Form four learners of government and private secondary schools of three district councils. Probability and non-probability sampling were used. Data were collected through questionnaires, interview guide, document analysis schedule and observation schedule. The findings revealed strategies of assigning learners practical skill activities; developing practical skill projects; positive perception of teachers and learners  towards practical skills; an interlink between practical skills and  employment opportunities ;challenges included difficulty of teachers in preparing practical skill activities, inadequate qualified teachers; inadequate practical skill facilities;  and  solutions to the challenges included Education Planners to plan refresher courses for secondary school teachers. In conclusion this implied that Vision 2025 could be realized through secondary school education by learners acquiring practical skills which help improve their livelihood. Recommendations include practical skill subjects such as agriculture and building construction to be introduced to all secondary schools.

Key words: Implementation, Practical Skills, Strategies