Perspicuous technique in solving a square of a number through patterns and sequence: Towards innovative teaching

Innovative teaching via patterns and sequence


  • Gener Subia Wesleyan University-Philippines


This research paper investigated the effectiveness of the discovered formula in squaring numbers using patterns in a sequence introduced by the researchers as an innovation in teaching and learning mathematics. The researchers came up with the idea to use the patterns in sequence to develop a rule or formula for squaring numbers. The developed formula was evaluated as effective and efficient since the technique only used basic multiplication and addition that covers all numbers. Descriptive-developmental and evaluation research was utilized in this paper. Twenty professional teachers working in different capacities were purposively selected as respondents. Meanwhile, the technique was very effective as it promotes innovative and creative ease of introducing new methods to the learners with an overall weighted mean of 3.68. Thus, it increases students’ engagement in mathematics. Likewise, the respondents, found the technique timely and relevant, aids learners in squaring numbers without using a calculator, is engaging and enjoyable, provide opportunities to learners, and can be utilized in some mathematics competition. Therefore, this new pedagogical strategy will help students in squaring numbers easily. Lastly, it implies that a teacher’s methodology and strategy may affect the learning of students. Thus, innovations such as providing alternative solutions will increase their learning in mathematics.