An investigation of developing and inheritance of Qin'an Xiaoqu in Gansu province China

Developing and inheritance of Qin'an Xiaoqu in China


  • Liang Qiu
  • Sayam Chuangprakhon College of Music, Mahasarakham University
  • Akapong Phulaiyaw


This study use the qualitative research approach to collect a vast quantity of data via field inquiry and to classify and statistically analyze the data acquired. The objectives were to 1) examine the contemporary state of Qin'an Xiaoqu singing. 2) Analyze the inheritance of Qin'an Xiaoqu's singing. The study's findings are as follows: 1) The current status of Qin'an Xiaoqu. With the utmost attention of the Qin'an County People's Government. Since the 1980s, Qin'an Xiaoqu has gradually expanded to the important stages of counties, cities, provinces, and the nation. Based on the accomplishments listed above, Qin'an Xiaoqu's development is relatively positive. According to the artist interviews, the majority are affected by others around them. 2) Qin'an Xiaoqu's inheritance status extends to various middle schools and elementary schools in Qin'an. Most students can sing adequately. Currently, the Qin'an County Government and the Qin'an County Cultural Center are hosting the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" event with the intention of fostering a strong environment in which the entire community can participate, pay attention to, and preserve and pass on excellent traditional culture.