Xinyang folk songs, development and transmission process in Henan province of China

Development and transmission process of Xinyang folk songs


  • Zhang Guocheng
  • Peerapong Sensai
  • Weerayut Seekhunlio College of Music, Mahasarakham University
  • Liu Wenzhe


This article uses qualitative research and interview methods with the objective to study the development and transmission of Xinyang Folk songs in Henan province, China. The area was selected in Henan city, China. The field work method is mainly used for collecting data. together with the information from the document. Xinyang folk songs have evolved chronologically depending on social changes, the Xinyang folk songs were approved by the State Council to be included in the national intangible cultural heritage list, the Xinyang municipal government began to pay attention to the inheritance and protection of Xinyang folk songs. The method to transmission of Xinyang folk song are; 1) Establish the original ecological folk village and cultivate the living space of folk songs 2) Use new online media to expand the influence of folk songs and 3) Establish intangible cultural heritage training courses to train successor of Xinyang folk songs.