The relationship between teachers' and school administrators' informal relationships and their subjective well-being levels

Teachers' and school administrators' informal relationships


  • İbrahim Gül yazar
  • Esra Dikbaş Second affiliation


Teachers and administrators feeling good about themselves will allow them to work more effectively. On the other hand, good informal relations within the school will both help teachers and school administrators feel better and will contribute significantly to the effectiveness of the school. In this study, the relationship between informal relationships of teachers and school administrators and subjective well-being levels was examined. The research was carried out with the relational screening model. The research group consists of 230 teachers and school administrators working in the provinces of Samsun, Antalya, and Kars under the Ministry of National Education. Teachers' Subjective Well-Being Level and Informal Relationships in Schools Scale were used as data collection tools in the research. Parametric tests were used as the data obtained in the study showed normal distribution. In the analysis of the research data, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, ANOVA, independent groups t-test, and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation techniques were used. According to the research findings, school administrators' views on informal relations and subjective well-being levels are very good; It is understood that teachers' views on informal relationships are moderate, and their subjective well-being levels are good. While the opinions of teachers and school administrators differ significantly according to gender and task variables, they do not differ according to the school's settlement, branch, and seniority variables. A high level of positive correlation was found between the subjective well-being levels of teachers and school administrators and their informal relationships. It has been suggested that school administrators establish more sincere relations with teachers and give more space to activities that increase informal relations.

Keywords: School administrator, teacher, subjective well-being, informal relationship

Author Biography

Esra Dikbaş, Second affiliation

Teacher (Gökçeboğaz Primary School)