Sia's music film on the relationship of music and autism: what do the families think?

Relationship of music and autism


  • Uğur Türkmen
  • Fakı Can Yürük fakicanyuruk


Families with children with autism face many sociological, psychological, socio-psychological, economic, and educational problems, especially trauma. Families living in a very fragile affect complain about the society's point of view towards them and that these perspectives cannot be explained correctly by many branches of science and art, especially literature. However, every right and appropriate step taken is very important to them, and they become unhappy and hopeless when faced with a contrary situation. Autism has been the subject of numerous films. Some of them have had a great impact, while others have disappeared into popular culture. When it comes to the relationship between music and cinema, as much as the scenario, the actors and the characters they reflect, it is also important whether the verbal or non-verbal music reflects the problem to be told. Especially the lyrics have a different meaning and importance. In film analysis, it is emphasized what the film tells, how and why? How does the film present itself and does this presentation match the problem to be told, but it can only be answered with a serious film analysis. One of the main questions of this research is whether the movie “Music”, which has turned into a very colourful, visual feast, and most importantly, was shown in the cinemas with the claim that it reflects autism, could really cure those who are suffering. In the study, sociology, perception, autism, aesthetics, criticism, film analysis, cinema and music were mentioned, and the film "music" was tried to be analyzed sociologically and semiotically. The data in the study were obtained from the members of the "Autism and Music Society", who came together for the first time in our country, through a structured interview form from families whose children have autism and who want to participate in the study voluntarily. Content analysis technique was also used in the study based on qualitative, descriptive, scanning model. It is thought that the study will be a source for related research, is original and will contribute to the field.