Understanding the Effects of Managerial Competencies (MC) on Organizational Performance (OP) through the mediating Role of Entrepreneurship (E) and Social Capital (SC) in the post-Covid-19 environment

Managerial Competencies (MC), Organizational Performance (OP), Entrepreneurship (E) and Social Capital (SC)


  • Nader Chavoshi Boroujeni dr
  • Naser Chavoshi Boroujenib
  • Jessica Lichyc Dr
  • Muhammad Sohail Dr
  • Cengiz Yılmaz Assoc. Prof. Dr.


This study focuses on the impact of managerial competencies upon employee performance within the context of managing technology incubators and science parks in Iran, Western Asia. Set during the pandemic in Iran, it contributes to management studies by exploring the mediating role of entrepreneurship and social capital. Data were collected by survey and analysed using Amos software. Findings show that, firstly, managerial attention to macro issues (including systems approach, strategic management, participatory management, and resource management) has considerable impact on organizational performance. Secondly, that social capital plays a prominent role in improving the performance of the organization. Third, that disruption in intra-organizational relationships reduces the quality and efficiency of the organization, and has the effect of weakening the organization in times of crisis or in the face of forced unprecedented changes that are out of control, including the pandemic. This research serves as a reminder to alert managers of the importance of employee participation and creativity in teamwork.