Prestige of teachers from the point of view of society

Prestige of teachers


  • Esma Kuru


Society is one of the most important leading factors which affect human life. Humans need to exist in the society which they are the subject of and continue their development. The healthy development and advancement of both societies and humans are possible with education. Without doubt, the only people who keep the connection between humans and societies strong are teachers. Teachers are the ambassadors of education, the future of society and the light lit in darkness. For teachers to duly carry out this duty, they need to have certain qualities. One of the qualities is the prestige of teachers. The purpose of this study is to analyze the prestige teachers have view of the society. The study was carried out in the case study model which is one of the qualitative research methods. The study group of the society consists of 45 participants selected from the society, who live in Kahramanmaraş and are not teachers but belong to different occupational groups. The participants were reached through the convenience sampling method. The study data were obtained through the structured interview form prepared by the researcher. The obtained data were analyzed through the content analysis method. As a result of the obtained findings, it was determined that society have positive associations about the teaching profession and that teachers’ prestige directly affects education and economic factors and the society play a deterministic role in teachers’ prestige. In addition, while teaching is a prestigious profession view of the society. And the society thinks that teachers need to earn their prestige through their own actions. Finally, society stated that they would become teachers if given the chance.