A proposed model in designing curriculum for micro-credentials in the Philippines

Designing curriculum for micro-credentials


  • Greg Tabios Pawilen University of the Philippines, Los Banos
  • Krizza Lubong Wesleyan University - Philippines
  • Christian Jan Robert Fausto Wesleyan University Philippines


This study explores the use of micro-credential as an innovative curriculum design for addressing the needs of individuals and the demands of the industry. Specifically, since offering micro-credentials is relatively new in the Philippines, the study proposed a curriculum development model will be useful in guiding curriculum experts and educational institutions in designing micro-credentials. The proposed model is both linear and dynamic. Considering the unique cultural, political, and economic context of the Philippines, the proposed model reflects the different curriculum sources, and the internal, external, and organizational influences that are considered in designing micro-credentials. The proposed model is the first to be developed in the country and it could also be used as a model for designing micro-credentials in other countries.

Author Biography

Greg Tabios Pawilen, University of the Philippines, Los Banos

Associate Professor

College of Human Ecology

University of the Philippines Los Banos