A proposed faculty loading guide framework for the research subjects in the senior high school in the Philippines

A proposed faculty loading guide framework


  • Renelle Caraig PhD Development Student at University of the Philippines Los Baños


The year 2016 was a crucial time for the education system in the Philippines since it was the first facilitation year of the Senior High School in the country. The K to 12, also known as "Kindergarten to grade 12", is an education system under the Department of Education that aims to produce more competent Filipino citizens in the global market. In line with the facilitation of Kto12 in the Philippines, the problem in the teachers-subjects mismatch is very evident, especially in the research subjects of the Senior High School, namely Practical Research 1 (Qualitative Research), Practical Research 2 (Quantitative Research), and Inquiries, Investigation, and Immersion. These are new subjects to the eyes of high school faculty members in the Philippines. Research subjects from pre-k to 12 are not considered a field or a subject matter, especially in high school. However, the Senior High School program brought a new perspective to the research subjects as it aims to develop Filipino learners' critical and research skills. This paper tackles different issues and challenges faced by Filipino research teacher. Moreover, this paper proposed a faculty loading guide model for research subjects that can be used by school administrators to guide them in distributing research subjects to the faculty members.

Keywords: Faculty Loading Guide, Senior High School Philippines, Practical Research, Research Subjects